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Amanda Crane reads two poems, ‘Bloodline’ and ‘Desert Motorbike’, at the July Hubbub.

Jools Abrams-Humphries reads an excerpt from her story 'Bea's Knees' at the July Hubbub.

Dane Buckley reads an excerpt from his short story 'Stellar Tantrum' at the July Hubbub.

Julia Bell and Gaylene Gould present the second in a series of Podcasts exclusive to the Writers' Hub.

Benjamin Wood speaks to Isobel Dixon of Blake Friedmann and Kevin Conroy Scott of Tibor Jones & Associates about the role of the literary agent.

Harry Potter is one of the most successful fictional characters of all time, but why? Toby Litt speaks about the authorly mechanisms behind the magic.

Julia Bell speaks about the nature of poetry and the creation of experience in a piece of art.

Julia Bell and Gaylene Gould present a new series of monthly podcasts exclusively for the Writers' Hub...

Deborah Levy reads some excerpts from her Booker-shortlisted novel, Swimming Home, and talks about her writing.

Author Niall Griffiths speaks to Julia Bell about life and writing...

A recording of our special Arts Week Panel Discussion chaired by Julia Bell.

Christie Watson reads from her new novel Where Women Are Kings - due to be published by Quercus in August.

Elizabeth Fremantle reads from her debut novel Queen's Gambit at the May Hubbub.

Ian McNab reads his short story 'PR Advice' at the May Hubbub.

Gilli Fryzer reads excerpts from a poetic memoir at the May Hubbub.

Nydia Hetherington reads an excerpt from her novel The Funambulist at the May Hubbub.

Tarquin Landseer reads his poem 'Bees' at the May Hubbub.

Martyn Bryant reads his short story 'Clayoquot Sound' at the May Hubbub.

Anna Hope, MACW alumnus, dicusses her forthcoming wartime novel Wake - due to be published by Doubleday early next year.

Karen Liebreich speaks to the Birkbeck BACW students about her book The Letter in the Bottle and offers some very useful advice about the process of researching creative non-fiction.

Kate Clanchy speaks to Birkbeck BACW students about writing and researching her 2009 book Antigona and Me.

Prajwal Parajuly reads from his collection of short stories, The Gurkha’s Daughter, at the March Hubbub.

Anthony Joseph reads selections of his poetry from Teragaton (1998), Bird Head Son (2009) and Rubber Orchestras (2011), as well as some prose from his PhD, at the March Hubbub.

Helen Bode reads her short story 'Surf's Up Tonight' at the March Hubbub.

Dave Wakely reads his short story 'Thrown' at the March Hubbub.

Gwen Sayers reads her poem '1940s Dinner Jazz' at the March Hubbub.

Eamon Somers reads an excerpt from his novel Murder in Ramelton at the March Hubbub.

Amanda Crane reads her short story 'Monsieur Jacques' at the March Hubbub.

Katrina Naomi reads poetry from her collections The Girl with the Cactus Handshake and Charlotte Brontë’s Corset at the January Hubbub.

Natasha Soobramanien reads from her novel Genie and Paul at the January Hubbub.

Nadim Safdar reads an excerpt from a new piece of work entitled 'The Penultimate Act of Skip the Martyr' at the January Hubbub.

Gilli Fryzer reads her poem 'Full Circle' at the January Hubbub.

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