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MA Summer Term Lecture Series: Julia Bell speaks to Caroline Royds, Editor at Walker Books, about writing for children and young adults and about current trends in the market.

The first of the MA Summer Term Lectures: Luke Williams discusses the work of W.G Sebald with particular reference to The Rings of Saturn and the influence his writing has had on Williams' own work.

A panel of guests: Orna Ross, Alison Baverstock and Karen Inglis, chaired by Julia Bell, discuss the pros, cons and future of self-publishing.

Benjamin Wood reads from his novel The Bellwether Revivals.

Nadim Safdar’s short story ‘The Things He Bought’ intertwines the Israeli-Palestinian conflict with a spot of frustrating furniture shopping

Tarquin Landseer reads his poem 'Fox and His Friends' at the February Hubbub event.

Dane Buckley reads his poem 'Harrow-under-Hill' at the February Hubbub event.

Fio0na Melrose reads a new short story, 'The Fox', at the February Hubbub.

Luke Williams read from his novel 'The Echo Chamber' at Hubbub in February.

Julia Bell reads new poems and a new short story at Hubbub.


Liane Strauss reads her poetry at the Hubbub launch.

Jonathan Kemp, Creative Writing and Comparative Literature lecturer at Birkbeck, reads excerpts from his new book twentysix, at the Hubbub launch.

Patrick Neate

Patrick Neate reads at Urban Arvon.

The final installment in the 'Life of a Writer' series: In an age of super-injunctions and phone-hacking scandals the novelist can address issues that the journalist cannot - Russell Celyn Jones talks about his novel Ten Seconds from the Sun, inspired by the James Bulger Case.

'Fundamental accuracy of statement is the sole morality of writing' - Ezra Pound

Julia Bell discusses the relationship between fiction and the truth.

Annie Freud

Annie Freud discusses the importance of the voice in poetry, the music that corresponds to her themes and writing with extremely unpromising material.

Luke Williams & Natasha Soobramanien

Luke Williams & Natasha Soobramanien discuss collaborative writing and provide convincing proof that Natasha is in fact a real person and not just a literary character created by Luke.

The first of the BA Creative Writing programme's 'Life of a Writer' module - Richard Hamblyn discusses his inspirations, his editors and writing filled with 'increasing panic and alarm'.

The Life of a Writer Series is brought to you by the BA Creative Writing Programme...

Bernardine Evaristo shares some of her work and answers questions at Urban Arvon.

Daljit Nagra shares some of his poetry and answers questions at Urban Arvon.

Xavier Leret reads his story "Turn The Porn On", featured on MIR8.

Karin Salvalaggio reads her story "Walleye Junction", featured on MIR8.

Fiona Melrose reads her story "Inheritance", featured on MIR8.

Timothy reads an abbreviated version of his story 'Land of the Living'

Poet Niall O'Sullivan reads some of his work at Urban Arvon.

Aoife Mannix shares some of her poetry at Urban Arvon.

Iphgenia Baal reads from her debut novel - a study of gang culture centred round the disruptions caused by the building of the Great Midland Railway and its terminus, St Pancras station.

Iphgenia Baal reads from her debut novel - a study of gang culture centred round the disruptions caused by the building of the Great Midland Railway and its terminus, St Pancras station.

Forming a part of the Noel Road Writers group, Mary Murphy reads her story "Maiden Mountain" at writLOUD's June event.

Nigel Crowe

Nigel Crowe, also a member of the Noel Road Writers, reads his story 'Reverberations' at writLOUD's June event.

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