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Jools Abrams-Humphries reads an excerpt from her story 'Bea's Knees' at the July Hubbub.

Dane Buckley reads an excerpt from his short story 'Stellar Tantrum' at the July Hubbub.

Julia Bell and Gaylene Gould present the second in a series of Podcasts exclusive to the Writers' Hub.

Benjamin Wood speaks to Isobel Dixon of Blake Friedmann and Kevin Conroy Scott of Tibor Jones & Associates about the role of the literary agent.

Harry Potter is one of the most successful fictional characters of all time, but why? Toby Litt speaks about the authorly mechanisms behind the magic.

Julia Bell speaks about the nature of poetry and the creation of experience in a piece of art.

Julia Bell and Gaylene Gould present a new series of monthly podcasts exclusively for the Writers' Hub...

Deborah Levy reads some excerpts from her Booker-shortlisted novel, Swimming Home, and talks about her writing.

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