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Miriam Nash
Miriam Nash

Miriam Nash is a poet, performer, workshop leader and freelance project coordinator. She manages and supports projects that create community for new and emerging writers. She is currently living in Singapore where she is involved in a variety of projects including Writing the City, an online writing initiative run by the British Council.

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Writing the City – A New Online Writers’ Community in Singapore

 One of the reasons I felt able to move my life from London to Singapore last August was knowing I could still be just as connected to my writing community. This is because that community lives online – I’ve been part of The Vineyard, a small feedback and support space for poets run by Jacob Sam-La Rose, for several years.

            Now, when it comes time for me to move back across the globe again, I know I’ll feel the same reassurance in the opposite direction – Writing the City, a writers’ community to be launched this month by the British Council Singapore, is set to become a place where poets, playwrights, fiction writers and all manner of scribblers from Singapore and far beyond can meet, connect and share their work.

            With its focus on urban writing, Writing the City could well become a centre for cross-pollination between London and Singapore writers. It is headed by a panel of highly acclaimed writers from both cities, including Jeremy Sheldon, Suchen Christine Lim, Ng Yi Sheng and Writers’ Hub’s own Julia Bell. A series of short films, presented by Sheldon and Lim, suggest starting points for writers to explore what ‘writing the city’ might mean and how it can be done, from creating characters to addressing history and a sense of belonging.

            So, if you’re interested in reading stories from a totally different city and meeting a whole bunch of writers you might not meet in London, I suggest logging in to take a look. It could end up bringing you to Singapore, which I highly recommend.  


Writing the City launches on Monday, 14 February with a special one-day competition, City Loves. To read more and sign up for an account, visit


Miriam Nash is a poet and Project Consultant for Writing the City.


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