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Christina Johnson reflects on her own writing process - the value of editorial input vs. the paralysis of over-analysis.

Amy Bird joins the rorschach dots between a pestle, a banana and a granny-mask in a piece of collaborative theatre.

After five years writing her novel, Maggie Womersley is stumped by inadequate stationery supplies in her quest for the perfect rubber band.

Christina Johnson laments the nation's decline in literacy and wonders what effect the Kindle will have on the next generation of readers.

Maria McCarthy writes revealingly about poetry self-publishing.

Maggie Womersley contemplates the tribulations of being a writing Mum and debates packing it all in to be an Avon lady.

Charlie Hill takes his book to the streets of Birmingham and attempts his own targeted publicity campaign, with criteria based on bookshelves, beer brands and buggies.

Hub Staffer, Miguel Fernandes Ceia, takes the Christmas reading road less travelled and suggests some educational reads - bah humbug!

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