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Hub Editor, Rebecca Rouillard, gets all sentimental and optimistic - a reading list to go with mince pies and mulled wine...

Hub staffer Miguel Fernandes Ceia writes about international literature and translation... and why maybe Shakespeare is not English, but a writer of the world...

In a recent war of the words ‘artistic achievement’ was set in opposition to ‘readability’, highbrows and eyebrows were raised and ‘daunting’ became a requirement for literary fiction.

The eReader has been blamed for the imminent demise of the book but might the book say, like Mark Twain, 'the report of my death was an exaggeration'.

Hub staffer discusses what inspires her to write - and reflects on what inspires others to do the same.

“Just because I am not an intellectual doesn't mean I don't read books”, William Gaddis. Miguel Fernandes Ceia presents his own, controversial view of literature and creative writing university courses.

Iphgenia Baal discusses the onerous task of getting readers to pick up her first novel.

Miguel Fernandes Ceia enjoys three weeks of political discussion, literary debate and Asian cuisine.

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