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Miguel Fernandes Ceia enjoys three weeks of political discussion, literary debate and Asian cuisine.

Hub regular Hilary Wilce returns from New York Book Week, impressed by Marion Roach Smith's approach to life writing.

Nadya Mahdi reflects on how her characters come to life... and how life has influenced her characters.

TV producer Nadya Mahdi discusses why she has eschewed documentaries for the written word… for now.

Writer and critic Miguel Fernandes Ceia suggests literary awards are designed to serve commercial interests rather than endorse the craft and art of writing.

Maria McCarthy discusses the genesis of her short story - published in February on Writers' Hub - revealing the variety of influences and sources she drew on to create her piece.

Julia Bell's recent trip with the British Council to Bangladesh provides her with fascinating insight into the role of translation in creative writing.

Maggie looks at how parenthood affects reading - and writing - habits.

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