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Prajwal Parajuly answers some questions for us about his debut collection of short stories and his forthcoming novel, Land Where I Flee.

Salena Godden answers some questions for us about her memoir, Springfield Road, and about how she crowdfunded the book through Unbound.

An excerpt from Horatio Clare's new book, Down to the Sea in Ships: Of Ageless Oceans and Modern Men, published by Chatto and Windus last week.

"Let this small Monument record the name / Of CADMAN, and to future times proclaim / How by’n attempt to fly from this high spire / Across the Sabrine stream he did acquire / His fatal end..."


Edward Carey writes about his transition from writing for adults to his latest book, Heap House, the first in an illustrated trilogy for young adults.

Kevin Duffy, author and founder of Bluemoose Books, makes the case for independent publishing.

Alan Mahar introduces The Sea in Birmingham - an anthology of short stories by members of the Tindal Street Fiction Group, and asks "so what is it with Birmingham and its image problem...?"

Rebecca Rouillard interviews David Gilman about his new historical fiction book, Master of War, set during the Hundred Years' War.

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