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Olga Holin interviews Kate Clanchy about her new collection: The Not-Dead and The Saved and Other Stories.

Olga Holin interviews C.D. Rose about his book, The Biographical Dictionary of Literary Failure, and its ironic success.

Kieran Falconer interviews Birkbeck alumnus, Louise Lee, about her debut novel - The Last Honeytrap.

Olga Holin interviews Jonathan Kemp about his latest novel, Ghosting, and his creative process.

Sarah Juckes, of, writes about how self-publishing has developed and changed in the last few years.

An excerpt from Richard Hamblyn's new book: "From the legend of Atlantis to the violent tsunamis of the present day, this book casts new light on one of the world's most spectacular and destructive natural phenomena."

Francis Plug, of How To Be A Public Author, answers the famous Proust Questionnaire for us.

Branding and marketing professionals have long been aware of the power of storytelling in connecting with their customers, but is there anything we, as authors, can take back from their approach to inform and inspire our storytelling?

Hari Kunzru’s short story ‘Love with Impediments’ appears in the eleventh issue of The Mechanics’ Institute Review, Kieran Falconer interviews him about his story and his writing life.

Kieran Falconer interviews Alex Preston about his short story 'The Mining Disaster', featured in The Mechanics' Institute Review 11, and about his writing life.

Prajwal Parajuly answers some questions for us about his debut collection of short stories and his forthcoming novel, Land Where I Flee.

Salena Godden answers some questions for us about her memoir, Springfield Road, and about how she crowdfunded the book through Unbound.

An excerpt from Horatio Clare's new book, Down to the Sea in Ships: Of Ageless Oceans and Modern Men, published by Chatto and Windus last week.

"Let this small Monument record the name / Of CADMAN, and to future times proclaim / How by’n attempt to fly from this high spire / Across the Sabrine stream he did acquire / His fatal end..."


Edward Carey writes about his transition from writing for adults to his latest book, Heap House, the first in an illustrated trilogy for young adults.

Kevin Duffy, author and founder of Bluemoose Books, makes the case for independent publishing.

Alan Mahar introduces The Sea in Birmingham - an anthology of short stories by members of the Tindal Street Fiction Group, and asks "so what is it with Birmingham and its image problem...?"

Rebecca Rouillard interviews David Gilman about his new historical fiction book, Master of War, set during the Hundred Years' War.

Rebecca Rouillard interviews novelist and non-fiction writer Caitlin Davies about her latest book, Family Likeness, published recently by Hutchinson.

Carmel Shortall visits The Word Factory in Soho for an evening celebrating New Irish Short Stories and finds out about their upcoming mentoring scheme for emerging short story writers.

American author Lydia Netzer talks to Maggie Womersley about homeschooling, being a Yankee in a southern town, and her hotly-tipped debut novel Shine Shine Shine.

Jean McNeil writes about her experiences in Kruger National Park, South Africa.

An excerpt from The Colony Room Club, 1948-2008 - A History of Bohemian Soho by Sophie Parkin.

Richard Hamblyn proposes that "much of the most gripping and ambitious writing today – and this includes screenwriting – can be found outside the fiction shelves."

Helen Bode speaks to Iranian storyteller Sahand Sahebdivani about growing up in The Netherlands and his upcoming London show, Poppies and Pomegranates.

In the next in our Independent Publishers series, Katherine Vik speaks to Sophie Lewis of boutique publisher And Other Stories.

An excerpt from Deborah Levy's new book, written in response to George Orwell’s Why I Write.

NaNoWriWee: the task was to write a novel in a weekend and first prize - publication by HarperCollins. Carmel Shortall talks to NaNoWriWee winner, Chris Brosnahan.  

Carmel Shortall interviews Scott Pack about digital publishing, short fiction and what he looks for in new writing...

Jonathan Kemp discusses the difficulty of writing about sex and his influences when it came to writing Twentysix.

We've heard the awful statistics: 'one in three children do not own a book' and 'one in four leave primary school practically illiterate'...Carmel Shortall visits St. Thomas More Catholic School in North London to find out what can be done to encourage a new generation of readers (and writers).

Elizabeth Fremantle is a Birkbeck alumnus and author of Queen's Gambit - a novel about the life of Henry VIII's last wife Katherine Parr. Rebecca Rouillard interviews her about her book and her writing process.

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