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In the next in our Independent Publishers series, Katherine Vik speaks to Sophie Lewis of boutique publisher And Other Stories.

An excerpt from Deborah Levy's new book, written in response to George Orwell’s Why I Write.

NaNoWriWee: the task was to write a novel in a weekend and first prize - publication by HarperCollins. Carmel Shortall talks to NaNoWriWee winner, Chris Brosnahan.  

Carmel Shortall interviews Scott Pack about digital publishing, short fiction and what he looks for in new writing...

Jonathan Kemp discusses the difficulty of writing about sex and his influences when it came to writing Twentysix.

We've heard the awful statistics: 'one in three children do not own a book' and 'one in four leave primary school practically illiterate'...Carmel Shortall visits St. Thomas More Catholic School in North London to find out what can be done to encourage a new generation of readers (and writers).

Elizabeth Fremantle is a Birkbeck alumnus and author of Queen's Gambit - a novel about the life of Henry VIII's last wife Katherine Parr. Rebecca Rouillard interviews her about her book and her writing process.

The next in Gaylene Gould's Interior Dialogues Series: "The way our conscious sense of propriety interrupts our flow is one of the ghosts that must be killed before we can truly free our voice..."

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