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Kavita Jindal investigates Unbound's innovative crowd-funding-based publishing model.

Jean McNeil reports back on the 'Millionaire Boot Camp for Authors'.

'The future of publishing is all about using new technology to improve access and break down barriers between writers and their audience...'

The launch of The Alliance of Independent Authors took place two weeks ago at the London Book Fair...

Rebecca Rouillard interrogates Birkbeck lecturer Benjamin Wood about his sinister debut novel The Bellwether Revivals, which was published by Simon and Schuster in February this year.

Is literary fiction dying? Charlie Hill charges up the defibrillator with a proposal for a 'Literary Fiction Manifesto'...

Why don't writers write novels that involve technology? Well, they do – just not often. Prescient themes of privacy, artificial intelligence, alternate reality, identity and gaming all come together in Mez Packer's new literary novel The Game is Altered – a super-contemporary piece of techno-fiction that asks the question: where do the boundaries of reality now lie? The author writes about the problem of reconciling technology and literary fiction...

On the centenary of Scott's expedition to the South Pole, Jean McNeil chronicles her own voyage to Antarctica.

'Each day we see more and more ice. As we sail into a shifting matrix of sea-ice everything is in motion.  Icebergs assail each other, they grind and groan. The sea is soupy with ice. The air stings'...

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