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The first chapter of Luke Brown's debut novel - My Biggest Lie.

An excerpt from Meg Vandermerwe's debut novel, Zebra Crossing: "Ghost. Ape. Living dead. Young and albino, Chipo has been called many things, but to her mother – Zimbabwe’s most loyal Manchester United supporter – she had always been a gift."

An excerpt from Dea Brovig's debut novel, published by Hutchinson last month.

An excerpt from Mark A Radcliffe's novel, Stranger Than Kindness, published by Bluemoose books last year.

An excerpt from Deborah Kay Davies' new book Reasons She Goes to the Woods, longlisted for the Baileys Women’s Prize for Fiction.

An excerpt from Amy Bird's second novel, Three Steps Behind You - a psychological thriller, published by Carina UK this month.

An excerpt from Adam Marek's short story 'Tamagotchi', from his collection, The Stone Throwers, published by Comma Press.

The tired old question, Can Creative Writing be Taught, hit the news once again last week, fueled by some disparaging comments by Hanif Kureishi. In response Birkbeck Creative Writing MA alumnus, Maggie Womersley, demonstrates the skills she's aquired in her short story, 'Creative Writing', first published in the Mechanics' Institute Review 10.

An excerpt from Eat My Heart Out by Zoe Pilger, published by Serpent's Tail in January 2014. Zoe will be reading at Hubbub on Monday 10 March.

An excerpt from Richard Skinner's new novel, The Mirror, published by Faber & Faber.

An excerpt from Costa First Novel Award winner Christie Watson's second novel: Where Women Are Kings.

A new short story by Rebekah Lin: "I ran up to my room and brought down a folded, brown paper bag. I had to do alternate tugs to the sides of my Cheongsam as I climbed the stairs to avoid zaogeng-ing.."

An excerpt from Anna Hope's debut novel, Wake - the story of three grieving woman in post-war London and the journey home of the Unknown Soldier from the battlefields of Northern France to the Cenotaph.

A new short story by Madeleine Reid - '“How much longer is this going to go on for?” says the voice at the other end of the line. The truth is, I just don’t know.'

An excerpt from the final book in Seren's New Stories from the Mabinogion series: The Tip of my Tongue by Trezza Azzopardi.

A new short story by Gilli Fryzer: "Gwyn watched, unmoving, as the great black birds flew together in repeated waves of darkness, then apart, and then together again, their wings rolling and unrolling as they rode the air, all the time uttering strange, prolonged cries. The sky above the farmyard filled with thirty or forty crows wheeling and turning above his head until his ears were full of nothing but their harsh calls and the sound of beating wings."

An excerpt from Nathan Filer's debut novel, shortlisted for the 2013 Costa First Book Award.

"They have seen Cinderella twenty two times. They know every gag, every scripted corpse, every perfectly timed ad-lib. Each musical sting is seared into their brains. The grand finale’s rousing chorus of Footloose invades Judith’s dreams..."

"There's Santas everywhere. Singing Santas; aggressive Santas; pissed Santas; crying Santas; puking Santas; Santas that have lost their mates; Santas pissing in doorways. The pavements are strewn with ripped and discarded Santa costumes..."

An excerpt from Charles Palliser's new novel, Rustication.

An excerpt from The Panopticon by Jenni Fagan - one of Granta's Best Young British Novelists for 2013.

A piece of creative non-fiction by Sue Nair, based on the story of six Congolese 'Pygmies' brought to England on 1 June 1905 by big-game hunter Colonel James J. Harrison.

An excerpt from Russ Litten's first novel, Scream If You Want To Go Faster.

A new short story by Geoffrey Heptonstall, "‘I’m from a little place in Western Australia. You won’t have heard of it,’ said the man from a little place in Western Australia..."

An excerpt from Essie Fox's new book, The Goddess and the Thief, due to be published by Orion on the 5th of December this year.

"Patrick, a slightly older, auburn-haired version of Martin, had recently been released from Cane Hill, a high-security psychiatric hospital outside Croydon..."

A boy growing up in Beirut dreams of becoming an astronaut.

An excerpt from Charlie Hill's new novel, due out in November.

An excerpt from Grace McCleen's novel: a ten-year-old girl creates a miniature world in her bedroom, and then a miracle happens.

An excerpt from Michelle Shine's new novel based on the life of Paul Gachet - artist, doctor, homeopath and subject of a famous portrait by Van Gogh.

A coming-of-age story by MIR10 Editor, Jude Cooper.

An excerpt from the beginning of William Weinstein's novel, All The Hard Ways.

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