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"Totters would rob the graves of their lead, pentangles appeared on the walls of the roofless chapel, tombs and memorials got vandalised and there were rumours of Hell’s Angels holding mad parties in the larger mausoleums. Of course, we wanted some of this. We loved a bit of vandalism."...

A short story from Rachel Trezise's new collection, Cosmic Latte, published by Parthian Books in June this year.

New short fiction by Damyanti Ghosh - a 'Peeping Toe' glimpsed on a Singaporean train.

An excerpt from Martina Evans' new revised edition of  Midnight Feast, originally published in 1996.

An excerpt from Anakana Schofield's debut novel, Malarky.

The next in Dave McGowan's 'Putting it Away' series...a trip to Torquay.

An excerpt from Amanda Smyth's new novel A Kind of Eden, published by Serpent's Tail in July 2013.

An excerpt from Bernardine Evaristo's new book, Mr Loverman, due to be published at the end of August.

A excerpt from All the Birds, Singing by Evie Wyld - one of Granta's 20 Best Young British Novelists.

Golnoosh Nourpanah writes about living in Tehran and being addicted to a Polish music channel on their illegal cable TV connection.

New short fiction - a dark satire by Maria McCarthy.

A new story by Dave McGowan - "In late 1983 I was working nights in a Texaco petrol station on Denmark Hill..."

An excerpt from a short story featured in Breathe: 2 - Leila Segal's latest collection of stories from Cuba.

"I have an appointment to see a shrink..." A new short story by Andrea Mason.

How the Prime Minister's tea lady saved the Olympics - a tall tale from Susan Greenhill.

A new piece by Dave McGowan, "Chrissie Clarke lived a few doors up from me with his mum, sister, five brothers and several dogs. They were all totters and thieves, even the dogs."

An overheard fragment of the lives of characters that populate a night shelter.

"The old men running the apartheid regime finally threw up their hands and declared a state of emergency in 1985. By this time, my own emergency was already well underway..."

A short story from Verena Tay's collection Spectre: Stories from Dark to Light, published by Math Paper Press in Singapore in 2012.

Dave The Hat is looking forward to a night out in Soho with his friend Nobby... "He is a large man, with a large suit, head and face, and a Henry VIII-style beard. He doffs his battered bowler hat and turns round to reveal the word “NO” razor-cut into his hair.  He is wearing Crocs."

An excerpt from Birkbeck Alumnus Susana Medina's new short story collection Red Tales Cuentos Rojos from the biligual edition - written in English and Spanish.

An excerpt from Courttia Newland's latest book The Gospel According to Cane: One winter afternoon a baby is kidnapped from a parked car. Two decades later, the mother is followed and then approached by a young man who claims that he is her son...

To clear his debts Jimmy Vale, singer of one-hit wonders The Tyrants, is asked by his manager to fake his own death and join Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain and Amy Winehouse in “The  27 Club” - the unfortunate collection of rock stars that all died at twenty seven...

Dave McGowan spends some time in Hastings...'the only place I know of that had a PoundStretcher shop actually close down.'

Adrian Barnes

An excerpt from Adrian Barnes 'NOD', published by Bluemoose Books, about a sleepless dystopia.

The other mums look at her strangely and whisper behind her back, but Lauren doesn't care - she has her beautiful baby, Belle, and her husband waiting for her at home... A new darkly comic short story by Sarah Cumming.

The Sacrifice is the story of a young woman navigating grief and burgeoning adulthood against the backdrop of growing social and racial tension. In 2012 it won the inaugural Commonword Children’s Diversity Writing Prize.

A new short story: Football Manager Pete is a veteran of the game but his wife Janet has only recently rediscovered her artistic inclination - expressed in 'sculptures that looked like curly dog turds'...

A new short story by Jacquelyn Shreeves-Lee - a couple sit in their car on the edge of a cliff, poised on the brink of a life-changing moment.

The next piece in Dave McGowan's Putting it Away' series. A traumatic childhood incident leads to a lifelong fear of ducks...

An excerpt from a new novel, Sketcher by Roland Watson-Grant, to be published by Alma Books in May 2013.

A couple spend a weekend away at a cottage in the Yorkshire Moors and the balance of power in their relationship shifts...

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