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A new short story by Ian McNab. "...Felix had worked tirelessly to make his particular brand of offbeat spirituality the most appealing."

The first story in a new series of pieces, 'Putting it Away', by Dave McGowan.

A new short story by Lucy Hume.

'I had arrived in New York a month ago and was heading to Mexico. I wanted to see as much of the States as possible. What did that make me? A tourist? A traveller? A bum or a hobo. I didn't care.' A new short story by Deirdre Shanahan.

"It was June 1986. Wham! were at no. 1 with ‘Edge of Heaven’. They’d just split up. Some of the girls at school had gone to pieces and cried for days. Maria Taylor’s mother had to come and collect her from school early because she went all hysterical in French when she saw Meg Browne’s Andrew Ridgeley pencil case."...

A new short story by Armenian writer Lusine Vayachyan.

A new short story by Armenian writer Hovhannes Tekgyozyan.

A new short story by Armenian writer Aram Pachyan.

Toby Litt explains why he loves Armenia and introduces some new short stories by Armenian writers.

'The Ewoks lay on the table in columns, most of them naked. One of them wore a snood...' A new short story by Zoe Ranson.

The Prelude to Ghazal Mosadeq's novel - a detective story set in a psychiatric ward in Tehran, translated from the original Persian by Lida Nosrati.

An excerpt from Niven Govinden's new book Black Bread White Beer, longlisted for the DSC Prize for South Asian literature.

An excerpt from Hannah Parry's debut novel Isabella Rockwell's War. Raised in 1820’s India, 12-year-old Isabella Rockwell can ride and shoot as well as any of the soldiers in her father’s regiment. These skills, however, are of no use to her when she finds herself on the frozen streets of London, orphaned and alone.

In the drudge of everyday life a woman romanticises the memory of a former lover.

An excerpt from Martina Evans' new book Petrol - published by Anvil Press Poetry in 2012.

'Could it really be possible for someone to be allergic to living?' A new short story by Kieran Harris.

The prologue of Peter Benson's new novel, Isabel's Skin, published last week by Alma Books.

A woman plans a reunion with a former lover at a revival performance of a play she acted in and he produced four decades earlier.

You spend nine months asleep in a bag of your own mother's membranes and then...

The view from a commemorative bench in Hampstead Heath gives Sophie new perspectives about her own life and relationships.

At Dublin Writers' Week an author and a poet wound each other on the jagged edges of their marriage and explore the origins of the fissures in their relationship.

A short story inspired by Whistler's painting of the same name.

A short story selected from the 'Write Forward - Writing the City' project.

A short story selected from the 'Write Forward - Writing the City' project.

A short story selected from the 'Write Forward - Writing the City' project.

Jean McNeil introduces the 'Write Forward - Writing the City' project—a collaboration between Birkbeck College and the British Council in Singapore.

One of ten stories from Leila Segal's debut collection, Breathe: Stories from Cuba, published by Flipped Eye.

A short story from Niki Aguirre's new collection Terminal Romance.

A woman recalls a lost love and the secret behind an unfinished Moroccan kelim.

A new short story about guilt and redemption, and a pair of beautiful earrings.

A new short story: Adonis sleeps under the stars near Aphrodite's Rock guarding his father's goats, unaware that his fate is tied to that of his namesake, Aphrodite's mythical lover.

A less-than idyllic 'romantic city break' in Amsterdam for newlyweds Max and Alison.

'Now she and Max had everything he wanted...'

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