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Nurse or patient, Katharine Hepburn or Audrey... who would she rather be?

Gaynor Arnold

A short story from the Man Booker long-listed author's new collection. Jim has his first taste of French culture...

A new story from Courttia Newland's new collection 'A Book of Blues' - out in March. Meet Stella and Davis...

Sunjeev Sahota

The opening section from the ground-breaking debut. Meet Imtiaz Raina: taxi driver, father, son, suicide bomber...

Hub regular Melissa De Villiers shares two versions of same story - one that appeared in Mechanics' Institute Review Issue 5, and the new, substantially altered version, published on the Hub for the first time. Read Melissa's discussion about the story's progress here.

The original version of a story Hub regular Melissa De Villiers has rewritten as Mask - published for the first time on the Hub. Read Melissa's discussion about the story's progress here.

Polly Samson

A story from Polly Samson's new collection Perfect Lives.

Amy Popovich

A short story from M.I.R 4. Join Bert and Ernie for a spot of surveillance...


Take a stroll in the Bois de Boulogne with Madame Vérité Sebaillon...

A short story from Birkbeck alumnus, Ilona Jesnick, runner up for the Mslexia annual Short Story Competition, and first published in Issue 45 of the magazine.

Alan Beard

A short story from You Don't Have to Say, the latest collection from one of the UK's most lauded proponents of the form.

An exclusive extract from Deirdre Shanahan's novel: meet Diarmid and his mother...

Steven Amsterdam

It's New Year's Eve and at least one boy and his father are prepared for the apocalypse; the opening chapter from the acclaimed debut novel, long-listed for the Guardian First Book Award.

In her blog 'Great Servants; Lousy Masters', Hilary Wilce discusses the pros and, mostly, cons of writing competitions. Here the Hub presents one of her stories - which reached the Asham Prize short list. Read on to see the kind of work that makes it and decide whether you agree with Hilary's reservations...

Michèle Roberts

The Hub presents the title story from Michèle Roberts' latest collection.

Jill McGivering

The Hub presents an extract from the debut novel by BBC Senior Broadcaster, Jill McGivering, drawing on her experiences in Afghanistan. Read about Jill's experience of writing the novel here.

Another year, another birthday for the Second Registrar of Kenwood Town Hall, in a new story from Charlotte Duck.

The Hub presents an extract from Jonathan Kemp’s new novel, exploring gay life, the city, morality and sexuality through three different eras. Read Jonathan’s essay on writing of the novel here.

Aaron Cox

A chance meeting on a train, a sick mother, an unprovoked attack. Aaron Cox links these apparently unconnected events in a new short story.

Parselelo Kantai

Take a night bus from Nairobi on an evermore surreal journey in this story from M.I.R 4.

Emma Henderson

The Birkbeck MA Creative Writing alumnus’s astounding debut novel is published by Sceptre next month. The Hub is delighted to present a preview. Meet Grace Williams...

A new story from a brand new voice, covering territory fiction rarely strays onto...

Matthew Hooton

The Hub presents an extract from the acclaimed debut novel from Matthew Hooton, investigating the secrets of a small rural community on Vancouver Island. Deloume Road is published on 20 May by Jonathan Cape. Click on the cover image to pre-order your copy through Foyles Online.

The first two chapters of the latest in Matthew Loukes’s Slim Gunter series. Noir in 21st century London. Hard boiled, in a hat...

Pope Joan is the legendary female pope who supposedly reigned during the Middle Ages. In this new short story, poet and fiction writer Valeria Melchorietto reworks the myth for the 21st century.

British author Courttia Newland gives a new twist to the dangers of passive smoking.

What happens when Sovereign accidentally ends up in church . . . Another short story from Mechanics’ Institute Review Volume 5

Writer and journalist Melissa De Villiers explores first love against the background of the new South Africa.

A new story from Sally HInchliffe author of Out of a Clear Sky.

A short story by Gul Davis from Mechanics’ Institute Review Volume 5

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