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Adrian Barnes

An excerpt from Adrian Barnes 'NOD', published by Bluemoose Books, about a sleepless dystopia.

The other mums look at her strangely and whisper behind her back, but Lauren doesn't care - she has her beautiful baby, Belle, and her husband waiting for her at home... A new darkly comic short story by Sarah Cumming.

The Sacrifice is the story of a young woman navigating grief and burgeoning adulthood against the backdrop of growing social and racial tension. In 2012 it won the inaugural Commonword Children’s Diversity Writing Prize.

A new short story: Football Manager Pete is a veteran of the game but his wife Janet has only recently rediscovered her artistic inclination - expressed in 'sculptures that looked like curly dog turds'...

A new short story by Jacquelyn Shreeves-Lee - a couple sit in their car on the edge of a cliff, poised on the brink of a life-changing moment.

The next piece in Dave McGowan's Putting it Away' series. A traumatic childhood incident leads to a lifelong fear of ducks...

An excerpt from a new novel, Sketcher by Roland Watson-Grant, to be published by Alma Books in May 2013.

A couple spend a weekend away at a cottage in the Yorkshire Moors and the balance of power in their relationship shifts...

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