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Fiona Melrose reads her story "Inheritance", featured on MIR8.

The Hub proudly previews "Some Time After" by Charlotte Beeston, featured on MIR8.

The Hub proudly previews "Margaret Thatcher's Tits" by Daniel Bourke, featured on MIR8.

The Hub proudly previews "The Upgrade" by Tanya Datta, featured on MIR8.

The Mechanics' Institute Review is back... and guarantees to pack a punch in anyone's literary apathy!

The MIR8 editors proudly present the definitive cover of its volume, coming out September next!

MIR8 editors share the blurb for their extraordinary issue, the authors and guest authors' biographies and all-round relevant information about the forthcoming issue!

The MIR Editors are proud to present a mockup of its eighth issue front cover. For your delight.

MIR8 launch set for 27 September

The MIR8 editorial team share some of the highlights from the upcoming issue 8 of The Mechanics' Institute Review.

The original version of a story Hub regular Melissa De Villiers has rewritten as Mask - published for the first time on the Hub. Read Melissa's discussion about the story's progress here.

Amy Popovich

A short story from M.I.R 4. Join Bert and Ernie for a spot of surveillance...

The members of MIR's editorial team set themselves seven questions as a way of describing and evaluating the experience of working on The Mechanics’ Institute Review, Issue 7 (MIR7). These are their answers.

On 30th September, the seventh edition of Birkbeck's Mechanics' Institute Review is published. Read on for more information about the exciting MIR7.

As a taster of the new issue, published at the end of the month, this is an extract from one of our stories by SJ Ahmed.

Another extract for you! This time from John Lucas.

Information on fresh new content from MIR7!

Parselelo Kantai

Take a night bus from Nairobi on an evermore surreal journey in this story from M.I.R 4.

A revealing profile of M.I.R.contributor Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie by M.I.R 6 editor S J Ahmed.

What happens when Sovereign accidentally ends up in church . . . Another short story from Mechanics’ Institute Review Volume 5

What is M.I.R?

MIR is the acronym for the Birkbeck Writing Programme’s annual publication The Mechanics’ Institute Review. An anthology of writing from new and established authors, the review aims to showcase some of the best new writing by Birkbeck students and take the temperature of the literary world by publishing new work from our favourite authors. Guest authors have included David Foster Wallace, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Richard Milward, TC Boyle, Jaime Hernandez among many others. Issue 7 is currently in production and will be published in September 2010. For further details and to order copies visit our website here.

Read tasters from the most recent M.I.R anthology - Issue 6, published in autumn 2009.

A short story by Gul Davis from Mechanics’ Institute Review, Issue 5.

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About M.I.R

MIR is the Birkbeck Creative Writing Programme’s annual publication The Mechanics’ Institute Review. The tenth anniversary edition was published in September 2013:

"This compelling collection takes the reader around the globe: a quest across Cyprus, a mission to India, segregation in South Africa, adolescence in Australia. Each story offers a unique perspective on the world and our place in it. See with eyes of a carp, hold last rites for a fox, wonder what's real in a story of writers. A tsunami, a child's game both can change lives in MIR's extraordinary literary anthology. These short stories leave lasting impressions, and show what story-telling today is all about. Their distinctiveness and variety eloquently disprove the notion that creative writing programmes produce homogenised writing. Produced, edited and published by students on creative writing MA courses at Birkbeck, University of London, MIR10 showcases the brightest emerging talent from Birkbeck's Creative Writing Programme. The issue also features exciting new work from award-winning authors Evie Wyld, Adam Marek, Colin Grant and Jackie Kay, and a foreword by the CW Programme Director Russell Celyn Jones."