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Superbard and the Sexy Quantum Stories

The chronicles told of the time when he would be sent back to the past, to save the world through storytelling. It was only at the age of 24, when he and his dog Enoc1 were sent back in a ceremony of fanfares (which gave him a bit of an ego), that he noticed the history books’ curious lack of detail as to just 'how' the saving would be done… 

Now, in Edinburgh, year 2011, he brings you
The Sexy Quantum Stories. 


Spend a bewitching hour following the course of an ordinary man’s life in a deftly woven tale of quantum happenchance and surreal imaginings. Music, video and recorded actors make Superbard’s pioneering style a truly groundbreaking contribution to the genre, an event that can only be experienced. 

Kafka meets youtube. Douglas Adams meets Sigur Ros. This is spoken word, but not just for your ears. Storytelling brought bang up to date, Hans Christian Anderson for the internet generation, Superbard unfolds his dark whimsy in a multimedia sensory overload. 

Superbard is a published writer, performer and musician living in London (
Newsnight, Radio 4, Jeremy Vine Show). Resident Storyteller at the Brockley Jack Studio Theatre; founder of the arts collective Tea Fuelled Ltd; successful filmscript writer, composer and producer; and man who can eat two chickens, Superbard is a Jack of all charming trades.

Featuring the voices of
Thom Tuck (Penny Dreadfuls), Jay Foreman, Max and Ivan and more…

‘...perfectly pitched; the script is funny and inventively surreal. Don’t miss it.’

???? Three Weeks 2010 ‘What a great, exciting, unusual set.’ Apples & Snakes 
‘...beautiful writing with strong images...language is daring, tense, exciting, ironic, almost aggressive.’
 Joanna Briscoe 


Listings information

Venue: C soco, venue 348, Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Dates: 5 to 29 (Not 15) August 2011

Time: 17:35 (1hr15)

Ticket prices: £7.50–£9.50 / concs £6.50–£8.50

Venue box office: 0845 260 1234 /

Fringe box office: 0131 226 0000 /

London Preview – Brockley Jack Studio Theatre, 19:00, 3rd July with European Champion Slam Poet, Harry Baker – tickets 02082 911206


Further information, high resolution photos, video and audio snippets photos available from Lucy Ayrton at Tea Fuelled Ltd on 07825 752361 / email or the C venues press office on 0845 260 1060 / email

1 When Enoc was sent back in time, he became a giant 8-foot traffic cone that communicates solely through Twitter (@SuperbardsCone). The cone will be following Superbard around Edinburgh. It terrifies him. 


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