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Amazon launched the Kindle Fire this week; a slightly smaller, cheaper and less-cool version of the iPad, amidst fears and conspiracy-theories that they were trying to take over the world.

This week was ‘Banned Book Week’ and the Twitterscape has been full of discussion about censorship and about favourite banned or challenged books.

The 2011 BBC Short Story Award was won by DW Wilson who, at 26, is the youngest writer to have won it. There has been much talk of his age - perhaps the BBC should put that large cash prize in trust for him until he is older and more responsible.

Next week is Children’s Book Week. Perhaps this means that for one week at least adults can read children’s books on the train without shame, or without a Kindle. The Independent has some thoughts on why adults do read children’s books:

Lastly, for those of you who doubted the literary value of ‘The Simpsons’ in contemporary culture:
My favourite quote - "It’s Tom Wolfe! He’s used more exclamation points than any other major American writer."


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