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It was a big week for poetry, a sad week for Apple and the week that Bob Dylan nearly won a Nobel Prize.

It’s the end of September and the shops are already full of Christmas paraphernalia. In the wake of ‘Super Thursday’ there are pillars of new book releases to choose from or perhaps you’d like the new Kindle Fire? Personally I’m happy with the old Kindle – just books, no games so the kids don’t want to nick it all the time.

Sheds, tattoos, hunts, photographs...who said writing couldn't branch out?

The Mechanics' Institute Review is back... and guarantees to pack a punch in anyone's literary apathy!

A very artistic News Digest... Southern Gothic, Luis Buñuel and a very special museum...

From debating the classics, navigating the waters of translation to embracing the apparitions, this week's tide has landed.

This week dishes up some thought provoking content and a dose of light relief

Silly season, hot topics... yes, it's summer!

Entering silly season... caption contest, a list of good surprises and who's reading who!

This free event invites NAWE and Arvon writers and NALD members to come together for a day of discussion and debate about how to ensure that the next generation of young writers and literature activists can flourish.

Writers in the sand photo competition, the end of Harry Potter, the death of Lucien Freud and all other news, we promise, are uplifting!

Some contentious issues in this week's bubble

Names: Harry Potter, Evelyn Waugh, Rupert Murdoch, and we shall name no one else!

It's Abstract Austen Waterstone Wilde Graphic Expression today

Chairman Mao wins award, culture is not economics!, and MIR8 guest author Chris Adrian shares how he writes!

From the elusiveness of poetry to the aestheticism of book design - everything you could possibly need in one sitting.

An upcoming event at Lauderdale House in London sees readings from four acclaimed poets across the globe.

The Hub presents a reading by New Zealand writers...

The good, the bad, and the thief: writing made easier, academic critics, and aspiring to education. Respectively, respectively...

The wondrous www world, the museum of whateva, and the art of photography...

From 'Pottermore', getting your book out there, BBC culture show, a bit of modern feminism and the usefulness of publishers

The Hub presents the book launch and reading of KJV: Old Text ~ New Poetry.

V.S. Naipaul gets it all back, the New College of Humanities and how Edinburgh is the centre of a new revolution!

A hand picked selection on the success of Foyles, the furore surrounding Terry Pratchett, quotes and proverbs, e-books abroad and plenty of LLF.

Independent bookshop Woolfson & Tay presents an event on life writing... writers, poets, educators share their experiences.

The youngest person ever to win the Orange Prize, high prices for Christmas and superstitious poetry. All in one go!

After time travelling to the future and back again, Superbard is back! And he is going to tell the tale in Edinburgh Festival Fringe...

The award-winning New Zealand poet reads at Birkbeck on 17 June.

Science fiction at the British Library, celebrations of James Joyce, a new children's Laureate, 'depraved' teens books and an escape into film

The Arvon Foundation presents 'Urban Arvon' - an exciting set of creative writing courses held over three days at Birkbeck's Gordon Square site in central London.

The Guardian will be introducing a series of masterclasses on writing, music, photography, film and much more. They have also teamed up with the University of East Anglia to present a unique opportunity for serious writers.

Nobel laureates going mad, Philp Roth drinking vodka and... what happens in Playboy Mansion, stays in Playboy Mansion!

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