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The wondrous www world, the museum of whateva, and the art of photography...

From 'Pottermore', getting your book out there, BBC culture show, a bit of modern feminism and the usefulness of publishers

The Hub presents the book launch and reading of KJV: Old Text ~ New Poetry.

V.S. Naipaul gets it all back, the New College of Humanities and how Edinburgh is the centre of a new revolution!

A hand picked selection on the success of Foyles, the furore surrounding Terry Pratchett, quotes and proverbs, e-books abroad and plenty of LLF.

Independent bookshop Woolfson & Tay presents an event on life writing... writers, poets, educators share their experiences.

The youngest person ever to win the Orange Prize, high prices for Christmas and superstitious poetry. All in one go!

After time travelling to the future and back again, Superbard is back! And he is going to tell the tale in Edinburgh Festival Fringe...

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