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Iain Britton
Iain Britton

Since 2008, I've had collections of poems published by Cinnamon Press, Interactive Press, Oystercatcher Press, Lapwing Publications, Kilmog Press, plus two pamphlets - Greendoor Publishing and Like This Press. Also, my work was included in the Shearcatcher Poetry Anthology publi shed by Shearsman Books (UK), 2012. A new collection of poems will be published by Kilmog Press in 2014 and then Rufus Books in 2016.


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Iain Britton Poetry

chrome lightning



clouds blip past /

like strips of chrome


lightning speaks up


and a religious festival

is caught painting idols

out of context


amongst the sand dunes







the river stirs like a thick green muscle

rolls against trees the legs of bridges

which tells me it’s prudent now to alter

my agenda / the horned moon sidesteps

the night’s performers the talkback show

has been given the thumbs up and lovers

who often miss practices /         / listen


gaps widen / their intimacy is a line


              with unpredictable trends




the deal



thunder interjects

a woman scales a shaft of sunlight      

and while she climbs i roll into a hammock

slung between coniferous clouds 

her existence depends on conquests /

mayhem / a resignation

which interacts /


and while she climbs

this woman gets closer to the red pagoda

the floating pagoda /

a captive audience never lets her go

they have their flags their dialect

the deal is to work on some kind

of gentle persuasion




white cormorant



a girl has entered my new year’s resolution

and into a circus of hanging masks

she has grid-searched my house / rubbed traces

of herself into my carpets curtains my books  

she has left particles of herself in the air


at the ornamental playground of concrete lanterns /

of miniature shrines / i hitch a ride

on a white cormorant celebrated in stone


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