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Rachel Piercey
Rachel Piercey

Rachel Piercey is an editor at Cadaverine Magazine and The Emma Press. Her poems have appeared in Ink Sweat and Tears, Thirteen Pages and The Scallop Shell, among other places. Her illustrated pamphlet of love poems, The Flower and the Plough, was published by The Emma Press in 2013.

Rachel Piercey Poetry

Tonight, Matthew…


I will ascend the possibilities

of myself: my indifferent health,

my tendency to baulk, the temper

I was warned would hold me back.


There’s a kind light for most things,

Matthew, and though I recognise

my limits, for three minutes

of a single night this beam is mine.


Beyond the spot-lit constellating dust

it’s dark. But for a song,

I am this wedge of sky’s brightest point.

And if I cry, at least it will be stars.







I have felled

all the trees in my wood

to keep you going,


thrown old faithfuls

and flimsy, startled

saplings into your


hot ears and come-

to-bed mouth.

Then all that was left


was the pointy scent

of gum

and the bellow of an oak.


So I hacked off my hair

with barely

a second thought,


and both ears

were carelessly slung in,

then my thumbs


with their crucial


I’ve got my toes lined up


and my unaccountable hips

and my knees

are ready too,


so please

give me more

of your particular brand


of alchemy.

Because when you temper

scraps into treasure


I think it’s worth it, 

and when you

spit out glass


though you only got sand

I think it’s worth it.

Because I could


spot you

a mile away

on any frightening night


and when I got there

you’d soften me.

Because I hope


that when I’m down

to just my heart in the open air

you’ll keep it warm.



From The Flower and the Plough (The Emma Press)


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