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Harry Guest
Harry Guest

Harry Guest was born in Penarth in 1932. He read Modern Languages at Cambridge before beginning a career as a teacher in schools and universities in Japan and England. `A Puzzling Harvest' marks his 70th birthday.

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Anvil Press Presents: Harry Guest

Flying Through Rain

A lone seagull
grey against grey
ceiling of low
cloud – as drizzle
increases grease
on pavements, vans
skid to a halt
before zebra
crossings and in
front gardens tin
dustbins their lids
askew glisten –
flaps sharpened wings
in unconcerned
rhythm above
plodders like me
who've left home this
a.m. (headlines
branding the mind
re air-strikes on
the faraway
and defenceless)
disinclined to
be cumbered with
an umbrella.




Taken from A Puzzling Harvest: Collected Poems 1955-2000 by Harry Guest, published by Anvil Press Poetry in 2002



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