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Liane Strauss rounds up some of the best poetry books and pamphlets of 2013.

Four poems from Luke Heeley's debut collection, Dust Sheet, published by Salt in 2012.

Three new poems by South African poet, Isobel Dixon, as well as the previously published, 'Truth and Reconcilations' - reflecting on Nelson Mandela’s hard labour in Robben Island’s limestone quarry and the miraculously peaceful transformation of South Africa under his leadership.

Three new poems by Lucy Ingrams.

Five new poems by writer, artist and activist, Nicola Field.

Three new poems by American poet Eve Grubin.

Two new poems by Singaporean poet and law student, Jerrold Yam.

Three new poems by poet and photographer Alexander Williamson.

Five poems by Pushcart-nominated poet, Afric McGlinchey.

Valeria Melchioretto reviews three poetry pamphets that experiment with form and express a visual component alongside a more conventional use of the written word.

A new poem by Martina Evans - 'My Darling Clementine'.

Two new poems by Singapore Literature Prize-winning author Cyril Wong.

'Invitation to an Empty Church' by American poet John Sibley Williams.

Four poems from Septette Plus - a poetry collection of seven and more voices.

Three new poems by Neil Fulwood: a chevy stuck in a tree, a 'silly soap opera of office politics', and a 'Portrait of the goldfish as gangsta'...

Three new poems by Lana Bell - an exciting new voice and one of the Barbican Young Poets.

Two new poems by Matt Phipps: 'Attachment' and 'Award-Winning Photographs I’ve Never Taken'.

Two new poems by Róisín Tierney - 'Trajectory' and 'The Blush'.

New poetry by Michael Bartholomew-Biggs - 'Letter to a lost sister'.

New poetry by Mori Glaser - 'Books Grow on Trees'.

Three poems by American Poet, Dorianne Laux.

Three new poems by Jean McNeil informed by East-African landscape, wildlife and history.

Tarquin Landseer was awarded second prize in the 2012 Keats-Shelley Poetry Prize for his poem 'Who Ate All the Frogs?'...

Kavita Jindal reads Arun Kolatkar's 'Woman'.

Two poems from our Poets Reading Poets contributor - Astrid Alben.

Pete Mullineaux reads 'The Song of Hiawatha' by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

Philip Gross reads 'The House Was Quiet and the World was Calm' by Wallace Stevens.

Afric McGlinchey reads 'The Promise' by Sharon Olds.

New poetry by Rosie Allabarton.

Sheenagh Pugh on ‘College Library’ by Paul Henry

Three new poems by Julia Bell.

A comprehensive list of the contributions to our Poets Reading Poets Series...

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