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The first in our New Series of 'Poets Reading Poets' - August Kleinzahler is moved by the 'pathos, born of limitation and disappointment, in a middle-western mill town circa 1950' in a poem by James Wright.

Three poems from Liane Strauss, poet and Birkbeck lecturer.

Pam Job

This collection celebrates the King James Version of the Bible and illustrates the way contemporary poets can bridge the past and the present by reflecting on this text.

SJ Ahmed reviews “Suspended Somewhere Between” by Akbar Ahmed.

Showcasing poetry by Arrowhead's Stephen Boyce...

Showcasing poetry by Arrowhead's Diane Cockburn...

Showcasing poetry by Arrowhead's Phil Kirby...

Showcasing poetry by Arrowhead's Anne Ryland...

The Hub Presents: Poems from Turning the new collection from Adam Horovitz

Showcasing poetry by Birkbeck lecturer Paul Bavister...

Showcasing poetry by Kate Potts...

The Hub presents the books launch and reading of KJV: Old Text ~ New Poetry.

The award-winning New Zealand poet reads at Birkbeck on 17 June.

Miguel Fernandes Ceia finds David Rivard's latest book of poetry less a collection and more a well-crafted puzzle.

A selection of poetry from the North-American award-winning poet and creative writing lecturer.

Showcasing new poetry from a new voice.

Showcasing poetry from both sides of the pond...

Further to our showcasing of work from Bangladeshi writers, we present Wasim Akram...

The poet treats the writLOUD audience to verse from his new, old and as yet unpublished collections - while discussing the provenance of his work.

Jane Draycott

Carcanet's curation this month begins with a new translation of the medieval dream poem Pearl.

Chris McCully

Carcanet's curation continues with Scipio's Dream from McCully's Selected Poems.

Selected verse from Bangladeshi poet Shomir Theo. 

In the second of their monthly curations, Carcanet Press gives us Iraqi poet Fawzi Karim.

For the second selection by Carcanet this month, an extract from a longer work by Dutch poet Toon Tellegen.

The first in a series of curations from top notch, poetry- focused publisher Carcanet Press.

The second offering in our first monthly installment from Carcanet. 

Nicola Field reading a selection of poetry at November's writLOUD event. 

In the second of their monthly curations, Anvil Poetry presents Sally Purcell.

Back for more? Anvil Poetry just keep on giving with this from Matthew Mead.

And the last piece from Anvil Press (for this month at least)...A B Jackson.

Anvil Press presents the last of their curations for the month, Martina Evans.

Anvil Press presents the second of their poets for the months, Julian Turner.

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