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Liane Strauss
Liane Strauss

Liane Strauss is a prize-winning poet, the author of Leaving Eden and Frankie, Alfredo, and Head of Poetry in Creative Writing at Birkbeck. She was born in Queens, New York, and has lived all over the US and now in London—but always in sight of the moon.

Photo: Derek Adams

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Poetry Writing Exercises: Who Are You?

1.  Write a poem in which you travel back in time and visit your childhood home as it was then, but as you are now.


2.  Write a poem in which you compare a relationship to a place.


3.  Read “Night Song of the Personal Shadow” by Gyorgi Petri (pp. 372-3 in the Ecco Anthology of International Poetry) and write a poem about yourself from the POV of your own personal shadow.


4.  Write a poem of 20 lines or less, in which 6 lines end in (different) prepositions, e.g. in, on, at, with, between, amidst, through, before, beneath, against, beside, during, etc.


5.  Write a first-person poem called Curriculum Vitae about a made-up or historical or legendary or mythical person.


6.  Write a poem about the contents of your wallet/drawer/cupboard.


7.  Write a poem about a photograph of yourself as a child.


8.  If you can read another language, try a translation of a poem from that language into English. If you can’t read another language, collaborate on a translation with someone who can!


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