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UK & Irish Literary Magazines that Publish Short Stories

  1. 20x20 - " a square platform for writings, visuals and cross-bred projects. Writers are invited to submit works up to 1,500 words. Please submit up to 3 written pieces or poems."
  2. Four Thirty Three - " a new audio magazine. We'll be broadcasting and podcasting short stories of around five minutes (up to 1,000 words), written and read by some of the best contemporary writers.We're looking for edgy, engaging stories about modern life - stories which work well when read aloud." AUDIO
  3. A Tale of 3 Cities: A Tale of Three Cities is the first printed arts journal to join up the points of Europe’s golden triangle: London, Paris and Berlin. Showcasing work from the best emerging – and also more established – writers and artists in each city, our first issue launched in October 2011." PRINT
  4. Aesthetica - "Aesthetica engages with contemporary art, contextualising it within the larger cultural framework." PRINT
  5. African Writing  - "new, unpublished work. Our natural constituency of writers and material are African or Diasporan (please interpret boldly) but we will publish any writer who writes into the African Condition (please interpret boldly). We are adventurous in our definition of Africana, but we will also publish good literature generally." PRINT
  6. The Alarmist: We're after work that has to be seen or read to be understood and appreciated. If you can explain your work quite easily to your mates at a pub, then it’s probably not for us. We want funny, we want dark, we want darkly funny, we want surreal, we want experimental, we want surreally experimental, we want maniacal, we want the absurd. We like writing: poems, prose, stories, snippets, plays, letters." PRINT
  7. Albedo One - " Ireland's longest-running and foremost magazine of the Fantastic. Since 1993, we have published stories of both Irish and international authors which push at the boundaries of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror." PRINT PAYING
  8. AltHist "the new magazine of Historical Fiction and Alternate History. Lovers of historical fiction for too long have been denied outlets for short pieces of fiction, as the number of print and online magazines for historical short fiction is very limited compared to the popularity of fiction set in past times. Alt Hist’s mission is to provide readers with entertaining and well-written short stories with a historical setting, whether portraying actual events or events that could have happened. If you read and enjoy historical fiction, alternate history or historical fantasy then we think you will like Alt Hist.… "  EZINE
  9. Ambit - "quarterly, 96 page magazine that prints original poetry, short fiction,art and reviews." PRINT, PAYING 
  10. Arete Arts Tri-Quarterly - Fiction, poetry, reportage, reviews PRINT
  11. Ballista speculative fiction. just published last issue PRINT
  12. Banipal -  "publishing contemporary authors and poets from all over the Arab world in English translation" PRINT
  13. The Battered Suitcase - "We welcome all work that explores the human experience of any genre: literary, experimental, mainstream, speculative, paranormal, poetry, narrative non-fiction, and humor.  We don't wish to hang labels on good writing. We hope to provide a safe space for writers who've gone underappreciated because the industry has led them to believe that they don't fit a particular format.  We hold no editorial bias in regards to stories for or about individuals of any race, creed, gender, sexual orientation, or planet of origin." PRINT EZINE
  14. The Beat - " a showcase for new and exciting writers and artists. The site is now published on a rolling basis, so we will post any new work as and when we see fit (rather than on an issue basis that we began with)" EZINE
  15. Beat the Dust "Submissions to Beat the Dust are by invitation only, with the exception of the July edition, which is open to all writers to submit. For this issue we are keen to hear from writers with ‘kiss my shades!’ attitude who 'live life in the raw, grapple with it bravely and attack it with naked fists' when they put pen to paper (quote by John Fante in Ask the Dust). Beat the Dust is about inventive, hard-hitting, intelligent, honest, emotive, thoughtprovoking writing. Of particular interest is writing that involves some kind of contradiction or breaks a rule or convention in some way… "  EZINE
  16. Bewilderbliss - " a quarterly magazine published in Manchester; it’s a high-quality publication showcasing the capabilities of new writers in the area." PRINT
  17. NEW  Black and Blue: "We are looking for poetry, drama, prose & other. " PRINT
  18. Black Market Review  -poetry, flash fiction, short stories EZINE
  19. Black Static - horror fiction PRINT PAYING
  20. Bloody Bridge Review - "publishes short literary fiction and poetry, with new material uploaded weekly. We like things that are surreal, difficult, imaginative and darkly comic in terms of content, but relatively traditional in terms of form. We're not really into experimental writing, but we might be surprised, so send it anyway."EZINE
  21. NEW  The Bohemyth: "open for submissions of previously unpublished works of short fiction and personal essay. We are based in Dublin, Ireland – but there are no geographic restrictions for submitting. We are looking for contemporary short fiction with a literary bent. We want ideas that affect, engage, move and entertain. We want writing that is beautiful, poetic, thought-provoking, edgy, original and inspiring. We want images that linger in minds. We want words that beat out the beat of broken hearts. We want stories that seduce and savage souls." EZINE
  22. Bonfire - fiction, poetry and art. just closed. PRINT
  23. Bottom of the World - "fledgling literary magazine based in the UK. It seeks to show off new prose (and poetry) to an unsuspecting world" PRINT
  24. BRAND - "specialize in the short form; left of field work; international writing. We publish high quality, original short stories, plays, poems, creative non-fiction." PRINT   NO LONGER ACCEPTING SUBMISSIONS
  25. Brittle Star - "a ‘little’ magazine which, for its size, contains a surprising variety of new work: poems, stories, interviews." PRINT
  26. Burning Houses: “Short stories, poetry, essays, "art and anything else accepted as long as it reflects the modern worlds." PRINT
  27. The Cadaverine - " publishes the best new poetry and prose by emerging authors under the age of 25.From urban gothic to high modernism, cyberpunk to scathing satire, science fiction to fictitious cookery," EZINE PRINT
  28. Cake -  "new, exciting literary magazine based at Lancaster University, calling all fresh-baked submissions of poetry, flash fiction and more!" Subs: PRINT
  29. Cambridge Literary Review - " welcomes submissions of previously unpublished poetry, short fiction, literary criticism and political commentary." PRINT NOT CURRENTLY ACCEPTING UNSOLICITED WORK
  30. Carillon -"wide-ranging poetry and prose from contributors across the world, plus book reviews and a readers’ competition." PRINT PAYING subscribers only
  31. Chimera -  "verse and prose in serious and lighter vein on a range of topics. Philosophical, confessional, satirical, polemics, speculation, pastiche, essays, reviews, fiction"  EZINE
  32. Chapman - "publishes the best in Scottish writing" PRINT PAYING
  33. Cherrypicked Hands "I prefer short stories to be short. Poems can be as long or as short as you want, as long as I like them. like poems that describe all kinds of things in all kinds of wonderful ways. I don't like experimentation for experimentation's sake - although I do like it, sometimes, for the poem's sake. Talking of prose, I like short stories that are short - say, below 2,000 words, though I might consider slightly longer pieces. I also like them to be funny, and strange. I like short stories that leave a quiet hum in my head, and that contain characters who I would like to know in Real Life"  EZINE
  34. Chroma Journal -  "is published twice a year. We accept submissions from all people who identify as queer, regardless of sex and sexuality. Each issue is themed." PRINT  CLOSED
  35. Cossmass Infinities "is a Science Fiction and Fantasy audio magazine. Our first episode was published in January 2010. We are looking for short stories, ideally, between 4000 -- 8000 words.Stories should be either Science Fiction or Fantasy, or even a blend of both. Try to avoid mediaeval-fantasy though. Previously published stories are welcome."  AUDIO PAYING
  36. Countryside Tales -" illustrated magazine in A5 format and is published quarterly...interested in any material with a countryside/rural theme." PRINT PAYING
  37. Crannog - poetry and prose PRINT
  38. Crimewave -  "outstanding modern stories of crime, mystery and suspense, as well as borderline material which uses genre elements in a new way" PRINT
  39. Cutaway Magazine: "We’re looking for literary fiction, genre fiction and a little that blurs the two. Mix poetry with prose, text with numbers, your shopping list with a love letter, dragons with teenage angst or just push yourself to create something dynamic..." PRINT
  40. Cyphers -  Ireland's longest running literary magazine founded in 1975, publishes Irish poetry, in Irish and English, and poetry in translation, as well as some prose fiction and criticism and graphic art." PRINT
  41. Dark Tales - "horror and speculative fiction",  PRINT
  42. Dead Drunk Dublin: - "online literary arts magazine dedicated to attracting poets, writers and artists who are looking through the obvious"  EZINE
  43. Dead Ink: "is a publisher of contemporary writing in various formats. We believe in using our online magazine and social media as forums for developing an engaged readership we can introduce our authors to. We are seeking submissions of poetry, reviews, and literary fiction. We accept full length manuscripts, proposals and stories up to 3000 words ..."EZINE
  44. Dream Catcher - "a terrific mix of poetry, prose, artwork and reviews" PRINT
  45. East of the Web - "is keen to provide exposure for writers by offering them a place where their work will be seen and read in a high quality, respected setting. The site receives about half a million unique page views per month"
  46. The Edge - "publishes short stories of more than 2000 words (not whole novels or sequels to work published elsewhere). Many have urban themes, and/or could be described (by others) as modern and borderline gothic horror/fantasy/sf, slipstream, crime fiction or erotica; please don't send clichéd stories. Experimental work is welcome. There is always room for new names." PRINT PAYING
  47. Edinburgh Review - publishes essays, short fiction, poetry and reviews aimed at an educated reading public with an interest in critical thought. Since its inception in 1802, the magazine has balanced a strong Scottish focus with a keen interest in international intellectual currents" PRINT
  48. Epicentre - Epicentre is a free online literary magazine featuring mainly poetry, along with reviews, interviews, feature articles and occasional literary prose. We originate in a geographical sense from the UK Midlands, and also now the South-West, but maintain an international flavour and outlook. "  EZINE
  49. NEW  Far Off Places: "a brand new magazine featuring creative writing and illustration to be launched in spring 2013. Despite being based in Edinburgh, we spread our loving tentacles across Europe and indeed over the Atlantic. Our mission in life is to make you laugh, ponder, and wince. We seek stories and poems to twine into a rope thrown from a lifeboat or to build into a yellow brick road. We aim to create a stage for emerging writers to strut their stuff, both traditional and experimental." EZINE
  50. First Edition - "Whether you've written a short story, poem, complete novel, or book review we want to hear from you. We run a monthly competition in each of these categories that is completely FREE to enter." PRINT
  51. Flash - a biannual literary magazine, publishing quality short stories and occasional articles and reviews of up to 360 words. PRINT
  52. Fleeting: "Fleeting publishes exclusive short-form fiction, nonfiction and poetry by new and established writers. We like daring, lucid, erudite, amusing and infectious writing."
  53. Fractured West - " seeks stories of honesty, fury, humiliation, and unusual beauty for first print issue. 500 words and emerging writers particularly encouraged." PRINT.
  54. Friction "the new online space for creative writing and non-fiction published by the Newcastle Centre for Literary Arts and edited by the students on the MA and PhD programmes in creative writing at Newcastle University. will publish work from leading writers, nationally and internationally, both established authors and first time writers. We’ll publish a selection of stories, poetry, flash fiction and other creative work that won’t easily fit into categories. "  EZINE
  55. Frogmore Papers - mostly poetry but also "prose may be experimental or traditional, but is unlikely to be accepted if it's either very experimental or very traditional." PRINT
  56. Fuselit - "is looking for work that you wrought or forged using the next issue's title (a spur word) as your inspiration point."
  57. Gold Dust - "exciting and original prose and poetry" PRINT
  58. Granta  - "committed to discovering and publishing the finest new fiction and non-fiction from around the world" PRINT PAYING
  59. Gutter magazine - "a new, high quality, printed journal for fiction and poetry from writers born or living in Scotland. The editors believe there is a need for an energetic, ambitious magazine dedicated exclusively to the best in new Scottish creative writing." PRINT
  60. Horizon Review - short stories and poetry EZINE 
  61. The Island Review: "an online magazine dedicated to great writing and visual art that comes from, is inspired by, celebrates or seeks to understand the extraordinary appeal of islands, as places and as metaphors. Seeking submissions of poetry, short fiction, non-fiction, photography and visual art from islanders everywhere, as well as from those whose work is influenced by islands or which explores ideas of islandness. Due to be launched in early 2013, the editors hope to provide an online home for islanders and island lovers everywhere." EZINE
  62. Ink, Sweat and Tears - "webzine that explores the borderline between poetry and prose in the digital age" EZINE
  63. Inkapture - " Inkapture is a new literary e-magazine, providing a medium for international writers to communicate their art to others on the largest scale – through the web. Published quarterly Inkapture aims to find creative writing of diversity and originality, to publish unique and quality work – from authors of poetry, fiction and other writing – which may have previously been overlooked. We intend to discover and explore the new voices emerging in literature today, and hope that the writing we showcase provides fresh and inspiring ways of seeing and capturing the world in literary form." EZINE
  64. Inkspill magazine - " The aim of Inkspill Magazine is to publish great quality work, with a creative internal layout. Not only will it publish short stories and poetry, but articles, debate, art, readers' letters etc." PRINT EZINE
  65. Inside Out - "Confessional/autobiographical prose, on any subject." PRINT
  66. The Interpreter's House - poetry and short stories   PRINT
  67. Interzone - "new science fiction and fantasy short stories" PRINT PAYING
  68. Iota - "quarterly literary magazine founded in Derbyshire in 1987 and enjoys a longstanding reputation for publishing excellent work from new and established writers - poetry and prose."
  69. Kerouac's Dog: " an Independently published quarterly, inspired by American writer, Jack Kerouac and the 1950s Beat generation. It's a bold and exciting platform for new writing, design, illustration, photography, architecture, fashion, and creativity in general. Bound together with overarching themes of freedom; truth; beauty; love; travel; wanderlust; sex; taboo; and fringe." PRINT
  70. LabLit -  "dedicated to real laboratory culture and to the portrayal and perceptions of that culture – science, scientists and labs – in fiction," EZINE
  71. The Lampeter Review: " the online magazine of the Lampeter Creative Writing Centre (part of the University of Wales, Trinity St David.) Its goal is to promote the best in new writing from published and unpublished authors alike. It features work from the students of the centre as well as an exclusive short story from its director, the internationally acclaimed playwright Dik Edwards. Submissions are welcome from absolutely everyone" PRINT
  72. - "Submissions of previously unpublished short stories (4,000 words max), flash fiction, poetry (send 6-8 poems at a time), film / book / music / best tunes (300 words on a favourite song) / gigs / exhibition / lit mag / chapbook reviews (send samples of previous work), interviews and articles" EZINE  NOT UPDATED SINCE 2009
  73. Liars League - "monthly, themed short story reading event based in central London, where the stories are written by emerging authors, performed by professional actors, and watched by a literature-loving crowd. Winning stories are read live (and recorded for later download) every second Tuesday of the month, and then published to our website." LIVE EZINE
  74. The Liberal -"invites submissions of new poetry and short fiction"  PRINT
  75. NEW  The Liner: "a transatlantic magazine featuring stories, poetry, visual art, and our very own Thornkim Questionnaire, which provides insight into the minds of our contributors. We aim to feature perspectives and voices that keep the wind in our sails and scurvy at bay. We are an annual print publication with our first issue launching in spring of 2012." PRINT
  76. Linnet's Wings - "We are looking for well-crafted fiction with full plots and strong characters that you own the copyright to, but do remember if the work you submit is of an adult nature, provide a warning to that effect in its title or promotional sentence we won't publish pornographic or racist based work" EZINE
  77. The Literateur - "new online literary magazine featuring interviews with luminaries of the literary world, articles, reviews and exciting new creative works."EZINE 
  78. Litro - "free monthly literary magazine. We publish new, original short fiction that excites us.... distributed widely near London Underground stations, in libraries, galleries, bars, cafes and other venues in the Capital and beyond" PRINT
  79. The London magazine -"article and feature ideas, as well as poetry and short fiction submissions." PRINT
  80. NEW  Long Story, Short: "a literary journal that publishes a short story every month, favouring tales that take their time. Longer than flash; fewer strings attached than a novel. Between 4000-9000 words." EZINE
  81. The Manchester Review -  "existing only online, with new issues appearing each spring and autumn. These will often include broadcasts of new music, public debates and video pieces, as well as visual art, fiction and poetry."  EZINE
  82. Matter magazine -  features the best new writing by past and present students of the university’s respected MA Writing programme alongside work by established guest writers." PRINT 
  83. Midnight Street -horror, science fiction, dark fantasy and slipstream EZINE 
  84. The Moth Magazine: "The quarterly arts literature magazine features poetry, short fiction and pictures by established and up-and-coming writers and artists from Ireland and abroad. Each issue also features two interviews with such Irish luminaries as Anne Enright, Patrick McCabe, Leanne O'Sullivan, Paddy Campbell, Michael Harding and Christine Dwyer Hickey. The Moth appears in March, June, September and December.." PRINT
  85. Mslexia - poetry, flash fiction, short stories.  PRINT PAYING
  86. Moving Worlds - "a forum for creative work as well as criticism, literary as well as visual texts, writing in scholarly as well as more personal modes, in English and translations into English. It is open to experimentation, and represents work of different kinds and from different cultural traditions" PRINT
  87. Neon (previously FourVolts)- "UK-based literary magazine, published online every quarter, and featuring the kind of imaginative, stylised poetry and prose not generally found in British magazines. We focus particularly on the new, the experimental and the strange." EZINE PAYING
  88. New Walk magazine -  "We welcome letters,essays, reviews and other poetry-related features. Please contact us if you have any ideas or wish to submit. We are also looking for a small amount of short fiction and artwork." PRINT
  89. New Welsh Review -  "best new writing from Wales" PRINT PAYING
  90. The New Writer - "Short stories from subscribers and prizewinners only. The magazine does not consider unsolicited manuscripts but each issue contains up to four short stories from subscribers and guest writers, limited to a maximum 4,000 words on any theme and in any genre." PRINT PAYING
  91. The Night Light: "The Night Light is an online magazine based in Manchester, England. We’re a disorganised cooperative publishing stories, plays, poems, essays and artwork." EZINE
  92. Notes from the Underground - Comic stories, sketches, cartoons and comic poetry, Longer short stories up to a maximum of 1800 words, Very short stories of only one or two sentences, Travel Writing and reportage, Poetry  PRINT EZINE
  93. NEW  Nth Position: "a free online magazine/ezine with politics & opinion, travel writing, fiction & poetry, reviews & interviews" EZINE
  94. Nutshell Magazine: Nutshell is a brilliant independent literary magazine . It’s small, sturdy, and the perfect space for poetry, short stories, interviews, illustration, art, and photography to meet and work together. Some of the work we publish comes to us unsolicited via email and some other we go looking for and commission from people we follow or find randomly browsing blogs." PRINT EZINE
  95. NEW  Open Pen: "Open Pen is London’s first ‘Open Literature’ magazine, comprised entirely by reader-submitted creative writing. Each issue’s content is decided by competition, where the submitted piece, whether prose, verse, or other type, judged by our editorial team as the most deserving is awarded first prize and top billing on our next issue. With issues published once every ten weeks, Open Pen is distributed completely free of charge to independent bookshops, libraries, university campuses and even coffee shops and bars across the capital." PRINT
  96. Paraxis: “an online publisher of short stories. Partial to the unnerving, uncanny and fantastic. Tired of arguments about literary versus genre and genre versus literary - we just love well written imaginative fiction. Slightly sporadic in its publishing schedule.” EZINE
  97. Party In Your Eye Socket: "is an independently produced anthology of quirky prose and poetry. The word limit is 300 words for prose ..." EZINE
  98. Patricide  - "All interested writers and artists are invited to submit work for publication in a new journal with a first edition to be published in the first half of 2010 as a limited edition of 100 A5 perfect bound books.Work should engage with the interface between documentary practice and surrealism. Written work should be within the range of 1 to 1000 words, images may take any form suitable for reproduction in monochrome." PRINT
  99. Pen Pusher - "We are a literary magazine for those of you who are interested in words, writing, writers' lives, literary history, philosophy and the odd bit of silliness." PRINT
  100. The Penniless Press -  " The eclectic North-West based magazine of poetry, prose, reviews and comment." PRINT
  101. NEW  The Penny Dreadful: "a new Cork based literary magazine and is currently accepting submissions. We accept all known forms of creative writing, and several that are sadly as of yet unknown to all but our editorial staff. And we want you. Yes, even you, as wretched and forlorn as you may well be. We want you to submit to us anything that you may happen to have written that you feel is of a certain quality and standard to appear in the esteemed pages of The Penny Dreadful. So then go forth and multiply and then tell us about it in a poem or something." PRINT
  102. Penumbra - "If you've got something original to say and a fresh way of saying it, we want to hear from you. What we're after: 1. short stories (up to 2,500 words) 2. poetry 3. reviews (books, theatre, music; between 500—1,500 words)." PRINT
  103. Planet magazine - " bi-monthly magazine covering the arts, culture and politics in Wales and beyond. In addition to features on and interviews with contemporary Welsh artists and writers, it includes political analysis, both of Welsh affairs and international issues. Several poems and one short story are published in each issue" PRINT PAYING
  104. Polarity magazine - "sets out to fill a hole in the soul of today’s culture-kestrels. Sitting somewhere between McSweeney’s magazines (The Believer, McSweeney’s Quarterly Concern) and that dark blend of European surrealism forefronted by Georges Bataille (Documents, Story of the Eye), Polarity aims to tickle its readers’ hearts, minds and rude bits, with a selection of visual art, poetry, prose and articles. (But no reviews. Well, we might decide to break our own rules.) Appearing three times a year, or as often as we can manage, each issue will be organised around two falsely polarised concepts, forming an artefactual expansion of the metaphorical substance of each."  PRINT
  105. The Poor Press: "We are looking for submissions of original poetry and short creative prose unrestrained by form or genre. Although we are primarily a creative literary platform, we are also open to high quality, engagingly voiced social and political writing that takes its inspiration from our current theme." PRINT EZINE
  106. Popshot: Popshot is an illustrated literary magazine that publishes short stories, flash fiction, and poetry from the literary new blood. From the pavement to the pubs to the playhouses, our peculiar little planet is full of storytelling. Popshot aims to publish just a few of the more articulate and well-observed versions of these stories, illustrated by some of contemporary illustration’s finest. " PRINT
  107. Prole - "Prole promotes accessible literature of high quality. Anything that we publish will be intelligent, engaging and impact the reader in a variety of ways. We want to appeal to a wide audience and reconnect a broad readership with excellent examples of poetry and short prose. Anything that sniffs of literary elitism is highly unlikely to make it through the editorial process. If it does, it?s only because we won?t have noticed and the piece has other areas of merit. Obscure references and highly stylised structures and forms that exist only to aggrandise the writer and appeal to the coffee lounges of our older universities are not welcome." PRINT
  108. - short stories - on a break right now.EZINE
  109. The Pygmy Giant - "an online home for UK flash fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and pretty much anything else under 800 words. We aim to publish something new on the site approx. every other day." EZINE
  110. Random Acts of Writing - "a Highlands-based writing magazine, and we are keen to publish writers who are either based in the north of Scotland, or whose work is relevant to the area. We have a commitment to new writing and unpublished writers" PRINT
  111. Ranfurly Review - We accept fiction and poetry on almost any subject and in any genre. We will from time to time publish special genre editions, so if your work is accepted it may be held over until publication. We are looking for fiction that is engaging and thought provoking, maybe a touch humourous or a tear-jerker. Whatever it is, it must be well-written and engaging." EZINE
  112. The Reader - "Poetry and short fiction accounts for 20-25% of each issue of The Reader."  PRINT and we encourage published and non-published writers to send in their work
  113. NEW  Roadside Fiction: "a new realist fiction magazine with a passion for the sharp, outrageous, yet realistic story"  EZINE
  114. Ronin Press Phase 47 periodical: "We choose to focus on the alternative & subversive, but we will consider all forms of writing and subject matter....up to 10,000 words a piece, any style."  EZINE PRINT
  115. Riptide - "bi-annual anthology of new short fiction by both established and emerging writers. We are committed to providing a forum for high quality, innovative fiction, expanding the readership of the short story genre and enhancing its standing" PRINT PAYING
  116. Salt magazine - "publishes poetry, short stories, essays, articles and reviews on contemporary literature and culture. The magazine appears twice yearly in April and October" EZINE
  117. Sein Und Werden - "both an on-line and in-print publication, with different content in each. Every issue is themed and though non-themed work will be accepted, I will only consider these after a decision has been made on any themed material. Bear in mind that longer stories will automatically go in the print publication, and unless otherwise specified, colour artwork will go online." PRINT EZINE
  118. NEW  Sentinel Literary Quarterly: "The magazine publishes Poetry, Fiction, Drama, Essays, Interviews and Reviews. We also run quarterly writing competitions to keep the magazine free to read."PRINT EZINE
  119. Shadowtrain - "a bi-monthly gathering of poems, translations, articles and other writings, from the lyrical to the innovative, whatever stings and stuns the editor." EZINE
  120. Shortfire Press - "We are a digital-only publisher specialising in short stories from emerging and established writers.Everyone is busy nowadays. But there's always time for a short story. Here you'll find stories, short and sweet, which you can buy one by one. That means you can discover new writers and new stories and read them in the time it takes you to get to work, wait for a friend in a bar, or in any spare moment you have to yourself.We're looking for great literary/upmarket fiction which is plot-driven, has an original voice and is fresh and vibrant. Word counts should be from 2,500 words to 15,000 but every one of those words must count - no flab, please." EZINE  PAYING
  121. SHORT Fiction - "If you want to know what kind of fiction to submit, we direct you to see our first issue... which is another way of saying, we like exceptionally well-crafted stories and form-breaking fiction which has narrative drive and dynamic tension." PRINT PAYING
  122. Short Fuse - "one of Sussex’s best short fiction nights. Writers of short stories can showcase their work at our live lit nights which take place monthly at Komedia’s Studio Bar in Brighton and at The Rooms Cafe Bar in St Leonards/Hastings"  LIVE
  123. Smoke: A London Peculiar - " a 52-page magazine of words and images inspired by the city" ON SABBATICAL PRINT 
  124. Some Ways to Disappear  - "A biannual publication of new Photography and Literature." PRINT 
  125. Solander  - "published twice yearly, in May and November, interviews, articles, short fiction and comment - the only such magazine in the world for enthusiasts of historical fiction." PRINT PAYING 
  126. Southpaw Journal - " a quarterly independent journal dedicated to showcasing short fiction contributions from unpublished writers. Looking for short, gritty, punchy entries. Based in reality. Originality, verve and substance are the key words." EZINE
  127. The South Circular: "a quarterly e-journal of short stories which can be read on PCs, tablets and smart-phones and is downloaded directly from our website
  128. Southword Journal - "a literary journal featuring poems, fiction and reviews and published biannually by the Munster Literature Centre" EZINE PAYING
  129. Sparks - "A flash-fiction evening in Brighton. Stories are accompanied by a commissioned photo, projected behind the author as they read." LIVE
  130. Spilt Milk Mag - "Nothing delights us more than discovering an orgy of words woven together in such a way that we're left aching to lay them out on a dirty floor and roll around like frenzied gerbils." PRINT  EZINE
  131. Spokes - "welcomes poetry, short fictional prose and images of all kinds - with a particular interest in the culturally engaged and the fantastic. Spokes is 'published' twice yearly." EZINE
  132. Stand magazine -  "quarterly literary magazine established in 1952. Jon Silkin founded Stand as "an attempt to remedy the intellectual situation of reader and poet" in response to our need for "something more human . . . for art and a public which is prepared to be receptive" where the art in Stand is "what is simple in expression and human in its context; for the chances that the compound will be profound and worth reading are reasonable." PRINT
  133. Staple - a magazine of poetry, short fiction, articles, reviews and images published three times each year. PRINT
  134. Stinging fly - "welcomes submissions from Irish and international writers. We are looking for writers who have something to say, and who have taken the time to say it well. We publish poetry and short stories." PRINT PAYING
  135. NEW  Strange BOUnce: "a ‘strange’ brew of fiction, satire and verse, with a dash of sport, all coming from a group of writers who want to bOUnce to a different beat. We make it up as we go...." EZINE
  136. Stride magazine - "gathering of new poetry, prose poems, articles and reviews (or whatever takes our fancy), Stride is regularly updated with new contributions. Enjoy your visit." EZINE
  137. Streetcake magazine - " the magazine for innovative, visual and experimental writing " EZINE
  138. Structo - "a fiction and poetry magazine, containing original work as well as features on, interviews with, and essays by some of the most interesting writers from all sorts of fields." PRINT EZINE
  139. The Subterranean Literary Journal - "The journal aims to be a timeless tribute to the written word, avoiding the fleeting moments of trends and fashion, remaining date-less with each issue numbered as it is created. It explores humanity and the lives of people the world over, through fiction and non-fictional stories. Each issue is handmade and put together by the subterranean literary journal."  PRINT EZINE
  140. Succor - "the UK’s most exciting journal of new fiction, poetry and art. We have editors in London, Manchester, Brighton, Exeter and Dublin who are committed to seeking out and publishing the very best new writing. We habitually set a title for upcoming issues, which we then ask contributors to respond to in their work." PRINT CLOSED
  141. Tales of the DeCongested & DeCongested Tales - "monthly evening of live fiction, run monthly at The Wheatsheaf on Rathbone Place & monthly magazine. Sixty pages of new writing - featuring stories from our live events as well as other contributed writing." LIVE PRINT
  142. Tears in the Fence  - "an independent literary journal, open to a wide variety of critically aware voices and perspectives. We are an international magazine and have editorial bases in England, France, Australia and USA. We publish poetry, fiction, translations, reviews and essays by known and developing writers from around the world." PRINT
  143. Theurgy Magazine: "a new journal specialising in speculative fiction, fantasy, and science fiction. We are presently seeking prose, short story, and poetry submissions for our premier issue." PRINT EZINE
  144. Tomlit Quarterly -  "a home for writing, art and friends. We set up to give us somewhere to display the work we believe in by people we love. If you're not our friend yet, please get in touch because I'm sure it'd be great to meet you. We publish a range of Short Fiction, Poetry and Features from experienced writers and beginners alike" CLOSED. EZINE
  145. Transcript - "news, reviews and articles, profiles of writers, translators and publishers, and samples of the best contemporary writing from all corners of Europe."
  146. Trespass magazine - "classy, beautifully designed magazine packed with the most dangerous and exciting poetry, art, short fiction and music." PRINT
  147. Under the Radar: "Nine Arches Press' flagship poetry magazine. It is a lively mix of the best up-and-coming and established poets and writers, as well as reviews and articles. It promises what we like to think of as 'serious frivolity' - serious about poetry, with an undeniable whiff of joie de vivre.Because of the increasing high-standard of work submitted to us, and because we've aimed for some time now to be able to include more short stories, reviews and articles in each issue, we are taking Under the Radar up to the next level."  PRINT
  148. The View from Here - "a print and on-line literary magazine with author interviews, book reviews, original fiction & poetry and articles. We exist to provide an environment for authors and poets to feel connected and inspired and to showcase new talent. We showcase the weird, unusual, thought provoking and occasionally bizarre. We classify ourselves as "Bohemian Eclectic" PRINT EZINE
  149. The Warwick Review - fiction & poetry PRINT PAYING
  150. Wasifiri- "a literary magazine primarily concerned with new and postcolonial writers, it continues to stress the diversity and range of black and diasporic writers world-wide." PRINT
  151. What the Dickens? Magazine: "...flash fiction, poetry, short stories, non-fiction articles, photography, fun and games, jokes, artwork and anything else of a literary nature on a particular theme..." EZINE
  152. White Chimney - "A4, 32 page and full colour journal, was established to promote the work of both published and unpublished poets, short story writers, playwrights and artists, internationally" PRINT
  153. The White Review "quarterly arts, culture and politics magazine, published in print and online, and established on a non-profit economic model. The website is updated with new, usually web-only content several times each week....Edited, designed and defined by an emergent generation of London-based writers and artists, the magazine is creating a space for a new generation to express itself unconstrained by form, subject or genre.Writers wishing to submit fiction and poetry should make it clear whether they wish to be considered for print or web, or both. "PRINT  EZINE
  154. NEW  Words with JAM: "a FREE online magazine for writers and readers who like words that stick." PRINT EZINE
  155. Writers Hub -  "The Birkbeck Writers’ Hub accepts submissions of poetry, fiction and non fiction. For fiction and non-fiction we accept submissions up to 5,000 words and poetry up to five poems. We publish work under the creative commons licence and would prefer to receive work that is not published or under consideration elsewhere" EZINE
  156. Wufniks -  "Submissions can be:  - Short stories. - Miscellany. - Poetry?” PRINT
  157. Wyvern magazine - "specifically designed for the readers and writers of teen and young adult fiction.  The magazine is packed full with author interviews, how to articles, teen fiction, short stories, features of artists, and news from our readers and authors at Wyvern" EZINE
  158. The Yellow Room - "aims to be the best literary short-story magazine around for women by women" PRINT PAYING

This list is courtesy of Tania Hershman.


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