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Jonathan Kemp
Jonathan Kemp

Jonathan Kemp teaches creative writing, literature and queer theory at Birkbeck, University of London. His first novel, London Triptych (2010), was shortlisted for the inaugural Green Carnation Prize and won the Authors’ Club Best First Novel Award. His highly acclaimed collection of short stories, Twentysix, is a milestone of literary erotica in the tradition of Georges Bataille and Jean Genet. Originally from Manchester, he has lived in London for twenty years.

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London Triptych
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Jonathan's Eleven

1. Kurt Vonnegut: 8 Basics of Creative Writing
I'm always interested in reading what other writers have to say about the tricky alchemy of writing, and their advice to other writers.


2. Publication Studio

With the publishing industry changing at a rate of knots, it's sometimes confusing to know what to think in regard to getting your work out into the public arena.  Here are some interesting comments about the future of publication by the American author Matthew Stadler.


3. The Boat Lullabies 

I like to use visual material as much as textual in order to pull stories out of the ether. I like stumbling around the web to find images that intrigue and inspire me  (if you don't already know it, I highly recommend - you set the parameters of your interests and start stumbling).  Here, a woman's life story is told through a box of photos found at a flea market.


4. Poets and Writers Magazine   

There are many online creative writing magazines, of varying utility and appeal. This one, Poets and Writers Magazine, whilst very US-based, has useful tips from published writers, as well as a great section on Tools For Writers.


5. LitRefs: Writers' Resources 

This is a useful list of online resources for writers, full of great advice and links.


6. Rainer Maria Rilke: Letters To a Young Poet

I never cease to find inspiration here. I'd advise any would-be writer to give these letters a read.


7. Language is a Virus

An interesting website for poking around in, with some unusual advice for curing writer's block, along with some useful advice. It allows you to share your own cures for it, too.


8. Ambiguous Words

I love the rich ambiguity of the English language, and this website takes you through an exhaustive list words that, out of context, have a handful of meanings.


9. I Write Like

A bit of nonsense. Paste in a sample of your prose to find out which famous writer you take after.


10. YouTube

The internet is a vast resource for the human imagination, and I find Youtube a great place to sniff around for visual stimulation. This is one of my favourite recent finds.  Just try typing in some of your favourite writers and see what comes up.


11. Savage Reads
There is an overwhelming amount of readers' blogs around. It's best to scout around and find someone whose tastes sail close to your own, and whose recommendations you find yourself enjoying. This is one of my favourites.




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