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Crafting your craft: stuff about writing from people in the know

1. Constructing the Orchestra (audio)

Russell Celyn Jones talks about constructing narratives, with particular reference to Anne Tyler’s novel Ladder of Years.


2. Point of View (audio)

Julia Bell discusses the use of First Person Point of View in prose fiction


3. Theatre and Storytelling (audio)

A podcast from playwright and translator Collin Teevan.


4. Minimalism (audio)

Toby Litt considers the work of Raymond Carver, an exponent of the stripped bare literary style. 


5. The Seven Stages of The Creative Process (Writing a Book). Stage One: Creative Intention

In the first stage of the series, Orna Ross helps us to access our internal resources. 


6. The Seven Stages of The Creative Process (Writing a Book). Stage two: Incubation

In the second stage of the series, Orna discusses creating a nuturing environment for our creations. 


7. First, the Eye: Advice on Preparing Your Manuscript for Submission

Benjamin Wood takes us through the basics when it comes to presenting your pride and joy.


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