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In the second of our reviews of the Man Booker short-listed C, Melissa De Villiers finds an old-school ripping yarn that manages also to present as a coded message, with a different meaning for each reader.

Tina Jackson

Tina Jackson defends this hard-hitting account of the Welsh diva's early days

Catherine Humble examines the latest novel of ideas from the general secretary of the Necronautical Society, and finds it both dazzling and unexpectedly human

Jack Brady Castle

Jack Brady Castle finds promise in this new collection of poetry from an old and trusted friend

Nina Allan

Author Nina Allan shares a selection of her favourite books about chess

Julia Bell highly recommends the novel for its rich blend of the political and the personal. 

Rhiannon Smith takes a look at the fresh voices in the  Faber New Poets series.

Anna Arbiter

Anna Arbiter considers Paterson's newest collection as part of a lengthy poetic heritage.

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