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Hubbub Team
Hubbub Team

The Hubbub Team comprises Alison Hitchcock, Melanie Jones, and Katherine Vik.

Hubbub Twitter ‘Last Line’ Competition

If you are coming to Hubbub on Monday – enter the Hubbub Twitter Competition!


The following quote is the first line of a novel:

‘The bird, a pigeon was it? or a dove (she'd found there were doves here) flew through the air, its colour lost in what light remained.’


Write a corresponding concluding sentence to this book.

(Points will be awarded for creativity and literary style rather than accuracy so Google won’t help you!)


Submit your sentence on Twitter with the hashtag:


(Follow us: @writershub)


The competition closes at 4pm on Monday the 5th. Winners will be announced at Hubbub. Looking forward to seeing you there!



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