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Hubbub Team
Hubbub Team

The Hubbub Team comprises Laura Blenheim, Rebecca Rouillard, Carmel Shortall and Katherine Vik.

May Hubbub Round-Up

Once again, patrons of the King's Cross Social Club were directed upstairs for a 'Literacy Event' AKA Hubbub.


Many thanks to the student readers who entertained us: Clarissa Tan and Damien Doorley read poetry, Jacquie Bloese read an excerpt from her novel Kaleidoscope Heart, and Ruth Livingstone and Susan Greenhill read short fiction pieces - Susan's piece perhaps a slightly inappropriate tribute to the Queen's Jubilee.


Martina Evans entertained us with her wonderful poetry and impressed us with memorised excerpts from her upcoming verse novel, Petrol. Benjamin Wood, having already read the opening of The Bellwether Revivals several times for Birkbeck audiences, was forced to choose another section and ended up with a piece requiring multiple accents. Fortunately he rose confidently to the challenge and executed an American accent and two different English accents creditably.


You can listen to the an audio recording of Martina and Ben at Hubbub in the 'Audio' section of the website.


Thanks to all of our readers and everyone who came along to listen and support them. Our next event will take place on Monday 2 July - more details to follow shortly.



Martina Evans at Hubbub
Martina Evans

Benjamin Wood at Hubbub
Benjamin Wood

Hubbub - May 2012
Hubbub Team


October Hubbub
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June Hubbub Round-Up
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June Hubbub
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